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Aviation Law Attorney – Mr. Schindeler is a Fort Lauderdale native. Upon graduation from law school in 1994, he returned to the area and established his law firm six months later. Throughout his years of legal practice, Mr. Schindeler has always had an interest in and worked on aviation-related matters. In 2015, Mr. Schindeler entered into a strategic partnership with a long-time aviation attorney and increased his focus such that the firm now predominantly practices in aviation-related matters. Mr. Schindeler has managed hundreds of aircraft through use of FAA approved Owner Trusts and Voting Trusts.

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“First and foremost, you are retaining the services of an experienced, licensed Florida attorney. Additionally, he has been practicing law in good standing since 1994. Unlike some aircraft trust companies that operate without the supervision of licensed attorneys, at Aircraft Legal, all the work on your transactions is performed by an attorney. We do not rely on ‘supervised’ assistants for your transactions. Rest assured that your aircraft transaction will be handled with professionalism, diligence, confidentiality, and integrity when hiring the Law Office of Vincent E. Schindeler, P.A.

At Aircraft Legal, we guide you through your aircraft purchase and N-registration, explaining all aspects of the transaction. While other trust companies may advertise low prices, they often tack on thousands of dollars in surcharges and hidden fees. In contrast, we are transparent with our pricing. Our clients know exactly what they will be paying, as there are no hidden fees or unexpected surcharges when using our services. Lastly, we are conveniently located in South Florida, the gateway to Latin America.

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