Aviation Litigation/ Aircraft Litigation/Liens

Aviation Litigation/ Aircraft Litigation/Liens

Aviation Litigation – Like any other industry, legal disputes often arise in the aviation community. Aircraft can be subjected to liens and claims of creditors, and poorly drafted Purchase Agreements can result in litigation over thousands of dollars in deposited funds.

The Law Office of Vincent E. Schindeler, P.A. has successfully represented large as well as small businesses in hundreds of commercial litigation claims, including many claims and liens involving aircraft.

Whether you need representation as a Plaintiff in order to enforce your rights against someone else, or you have been served with a lawsuit naming you or your company as a Defendant, Mr. Schindeler has the experience and resources necessary to effectively represent you in court.

While Mr. Schindeler’s philosophy has always been to provide assistance and advice in advance of a problem in an effort to prevent problems from arising, if a situation cannot be resolved, Mr. Schindeler has the knowledge and experience necessary to zealously represent you in court.

If you have an aviation dispute, please call the Aircraft Legal at (954) 522-8686.

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